DRN: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Stance on Public Photography Highlights Inconsistent Positions on Freedom of Speech

The ACLU's conflicting positions are highlighted in the organization's campaign against the use of license plate recognition (LPR) - a critical tool that has allowed law enforcement to solve thousands of crimes including murders, rapes and abductions.Read More

License plate readers help Tacoma police find stolen cars

Tacoma police use license plate readers to recover stolen vehicles and see potential for the technology to help solve other crimes like shootings and to locate missing children reported through Amber Alerts.Read More

Serial Rape Investigation Brought to Closure Using 4-Year-Old License Plate Reader Data

A rape case is solved using LPR data 4 years after the date of the rape. This case provides a perfect example of how LPR data, commercially gathered and well-aged, can be extremely valuable in a major crimes investigation. Arbitrary data retention policies legislate away the value of LPR to help solve cases like this.Read More

License plate scanner leads police to stolen car, wanted fugitive

License plate readers in Oregon lead to arrest of a fugitive with warrants for robbery, felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle and contempt of court.Read More

Suspect Arrested In Novato After Automatic License Plate Reader Discovers Stolen Car

License Plate Readers help to solve crimes in California. A stolen car was recovered in Novato with the help of license plate readers installed on patrol cars.Read More